Secure Document Upload Portal

Clients may upload any forms, signed filings, or other documents securely through Dropbox.


Documents uploaded here are encrypted in transit to our file backup provider, then encrypted again from the file service.

Please note that Acrobat (PDF) is preferred for all file types.

***Instructions for Cell Phone Photographs***

Cell phone images of documents require further processing to use and file in court. To ensure this processing can be completed, please be mindful of the following:

  1. The camera should be held directly over the document with two hands, not pointed at it. Documents should not appear wider at the bottom than the top.
  2. Flash should be used unless there are several sources of light not directly above your document.
  3. Take the photo with some background visible. This ensures the complete document is photographed, and will also show you if the camera is properly level (background should appear square).
  4. Allow your phone to focus, and confirm text is sharp and legible before sending. If you are uploading cell phone photos of documents, please hold the phone level with both hands directly over the document with flash on, and allow auto-focus. Documents with shadows or appearing wider at the bottom may be difficult to process for