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By , September 8, 2009

In honor of having hung up my shingle on the Connecticut Shoreline I’ve decided to start this blog in the hopes of sharing some of my thoughts and providing various insights on the practice of law as it is and developments in the area.  While much of the focus will be on CT estate planning, I hope to delve into other relevant professional observations as well.

Please note that this blog is offered as a primer to myself and my practice only.  The colloquial terms I use here may differ from technical ones, those used by the government, or those used by other practitioners.  My statements may reflect my opinion of the law rather than legal fact.  Some posts may be in need of editing or become outdated and, of course, the law varies from one state to another.  In short, all legal decisions should be made in consultation with an experienced, licensed attorney in the area where you live, and nothing on this blog should be taken to constitute legal advice, particularly as advice to avoid or evade taxes.

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